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Ankle Pain/Ankle Sprains

ankle pain

Ankle pain, while initially thought of as an issue for athletes, can affect anyone at any time. Simple, everyday activities, such as walking or running on an uneven surface, have the possibility of causing serious harm to one’s ankle.   

Some signs of an ankle injury include pain in the affected area, swelling, bruising, or an inability to walk or bear weight. In order to understand how the injury occurred, a podiatrist will often question the patient about the events leading up to the ankle discomfort. An x-ray of the ankle and/or foot may also be performed to discover the extent of the injury.

Sprained ankles may occur when a person accidentally rolls, twists, or turns their ankle in an awkward way. When this occurs, ligaments in the ankle are being forced beyond their range of motion, thus causing an injury. Restricted range of motion or instability may be experienced in the ankle.

If you have pain, contact a podiatrist at 519.258.3668 for a proper diagnosis and treatment regime.

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